Welcome to Sick ’n’ Wrong, the only film festival that peels back the decaying flesh of conventional cinema, cracks open the bones underneath, digs down through the fat and gristle, and rips out the throbbing black heart of film art so everyone can bask in its terrible beauty.

At Sick ’n’ Wrong, we’re not (just) about unspeakable gore, and we’re not (only) into shockingly tasteless humor—we welcome the weird, the uncategorizable, the aggressively bizarre. If you’re an indie filmmaker, and your work makes the traditional festivals cringe, Sick ’n’ Wrong is probably your true home.

The second Sick ’n’ Wrong event will take place Saturday, November 4 and Sunday, November 5 in Orlando, Florida! More information is coming soon, but until then, enjoy some Sick ’n’ Wrong–worthy works of art, and don't forget to like us on Facebook!

Thanks! —Stephen Stull, Festival Director

Photo by Jemuel Stone Makeup by Katie Gelhart

Photo by Jemuel Stone
Makeup by Katie Gelhart