The Sickies!

These beauties were hand sculpted by Paul Berg, a special-effects artist whose work was seen in Tremors and A Nightmare on Elm Street V and whose puppeteering was seen in the Snuggle Fabric Softener commericals—seriously! We’ll be giving out Sickies in these categories:

  • Best Movie
  • Best Story
  • Best Performance
  • Best Music
  • Best Special Effects
  • Scariest
  • Funniest
  • Audience Award (decided in real time by audience votes)

There are also two more awards specific to this festival:

  • Sickest—for the most viscerally gut-wrenching visuals
  • Wrongest—for the most horrifically inappropriate story content

Past Winners


  • Best Movie—The Call of Charlie (Nick Spooner)
  • Best Story—Suicide Hotline (Philip Clyde-Smith)
  • Best Performance—The Contract (CHRZU Lindström)
  • Best Music—MEOW (Chris Jopp)
  • Best Special Effects—Trans* (Artturi Rostén and Esa Jussila)
  • Scariest—In My Room (Michael Trainotti)
  • Funniest—Born Again (Jason Tostevin)
  • Audience Award—Lenny’s Laundry (Doug Duke)
  • Sickest—Picking a Winner (Nick Helfers)
  • Wrongest—Bun in the Oven (Jono Freedrix)
  • Festival Director’s Award—byefurnow (Michael Elliott Dennis)


  • Best Movie—The Flesh of My Lovers (Joshua Giuliano)
  • Best Story—The Flesh of My Lovers (Joshua Giuliano)
  • Best Performance—Burp (Benjamin L. Gill)
  • Best Music—Black Jeans Whoa (Bob Rose)
  • Best Special Effects—When Susurrus Stirs (Anthony Cousins)
  • Scariest—Megrím (Stuart Valberg)
  • Funniest—The Human-Banana from Outer Space (Josh DiGangi)
  • Audience Award—Burp (Benjamin L. Gill)
  • Sickest—When Susurrus Stirs (Anthony Cousins)
  • Wrongest—Gwilliam (Brian Lonano)