The Sickies!

Each year, Sick ’n’ Wrong hands out the coveted custom “Sickie” awards in twelve SnW-specific categories:

The Sickie awards  Photo by David R. Martinez

The Sickie awards
Photo by David R. Martinez

  • Audience Favorite — voted on in real time by the attendees

  • Festival Director’s Award — for a stand-out voice in weird filmmaking

  • Sickest — for the most nauseating visuals

  • Wrongest — for the most morally aberrant story content

  • Weirdest Boner Award — for the most uncomfortably sexy scene

  • Bad Trip Award — for the trippiest animation

  • Earworm Award — for the best music

  • Bloody Keyboard Award — for the best writing

  • Giggling-at-the-Funeral Award — for the most inappropriate laughter

  • Splash Zone Award — for the best practical effects

  • Mink Stole Award — for the best performance

  • The Golden Tentacle — for the best overall movie